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Digbeth 1st Friday at Vivid Projects

The collaboration, initiated by Trevor Pitt, A3 Project Space, between the Record Player Orchestra (Roger Clarke) and Sellotape Cinema (Steven Chamberlain and Stephen Snell) was installed at Vivid Projects for the Digbeth 1st Friday on 4 July, 2014.

Here a film of the performance that took place at 8pm:

P1050026 P1050050Anyone who came was invited to take part and we tried out the conducting systems developed by Sellotape Cinema, including those written about before (MANDY and the coloured lights) as well as a new one.

P1050037 P1050019
MANDY was used by having two people notating live on the acetate which was then responded to by the record players.

P1050015 P1050031The Coloured Spheres were turned on and off by two people with record players responding to their allocated light.

P1050029 P1050030The new device, Planetry Systems Delivery System, was a mechanical model of the planets. An arc was drawn onto the table and record players played when their allocated planet moved into this arc.

Here are a series of videos of these in action: