Space Invaders: Neighbourhood Watch at JW3

The Record Player Orchestra was installed at JW3 for Neighbourhood Watch, as part of Space Invaders – a series of events where opens it doors to guest curators.


Filmmaker Laura Shacham and artist Norman Mine curated an installational takeover of JW3. Drawing inspiration from Harold Pinter’s nihilistic Poem (Don’t look, the world’s about to break), Neighbourhood Watch examines the meaning of community, architecturally and socially.

IMG_20140526_145312  IMG_20140526_140948





The Record Player Orchestra at Birmingham

The Record Player Orchestra has been invited by Trevor Pitt, the Director of A3 Project Space, to perform at a public event in collaboration with Sellotape Cinema as part of Digbeth First Friday on 4 July, 2014.

In order to give participants the opportunity to experiment with the record player as an instrument and to develop compositions, we have been meeting in advance of the performance on 4th July.

IMG_20140426_131236   IMG_20140426_145243 small

Here are two improvised works from the first meeting;


‘Waking Up’

IMG_20140426_134341 small  P1040982

Art Party Conference 2013

The Record Player Orchestra was at the Art Party Conference 2013 in Scarborough on Saturday 23rd November.

Initiated by the artist Bob and Roberta Smith, the Art Party Conference showcased a wealth of artistic talent with opportunities for debating the future of arts and education. There was artists’ interventions, performances, film screenings, music, readings, happenings, stands, stalls, speakers, the digital fringe and installations featuring artists including Jeremy Deller, Haroon Mirza, Cornelia Parker, John Smith and Mark Wallinger as well as an evening of DJs and bands, culminating in The Art Party Road Movie.

Here are some videos and photographs of the day and a recording of the first performance of Composition no3;


P1040799 P1040822 P1040813  P1040821

The Showroom Gallery 21st and 22nd November

The Record Player Orchestra was installed in the Showroom Gallery, Commercial Road, London for two days, the 21st and 22nd November.

This was the first time that it was installed so that participants could interact with it individually rather than set up for a meeting of a group of players.

As a result, participants were able to spend time exploring the tracks on the vinyl record and use all the record players at the same time.

One of these players was Chris Paessler who happened to be passing on the 21st November and ended up spending almost three hours working with the RPO.

I was having some trouble setting up one of the turntables and could not work out why I was getting an intermittent sound when there should have been a continuous tone. Chris spotted that the stylus was not completely down and that, as the vinyl record was not completely flat, it was touching it in the slightly raised area on each rotation.

He subsequently used this anomaly in the compositions that he developed and, as he the first to do so, it has been name the ‘Paessler effect’ in his honour. Here are the recordings of his compositions;

All recordings from the RPO meeting on the 20th April, 2013

Here are all the videos and recordings from the meeting including the playing of a scale and chords and compositions being introduced, practiced and played.

Playing a scale

Playing chords

RC comp imageRoger Clarke’s composition no1

1st improvisation

Ben Williams introducing his 1st composition

Rehearsing Ben Williams 1st composition

BW comp imageBen Williams’ composition

Playing Ben Williams 1st composition

Matt Robertson introducing his composition

MR comp imageMatt Robertson’s composition

Playing Matt Robertson’s composition

Ben Williams introducing his 2nd composition

Playing Ben Williams 2nd composition

Ben Williams introducing his 3rd composition

Playing Ben Williams 3rd composition

2nd improvisation